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The R1 Billion Stokvel Opportunity in South Africa

I’ve recently finished reading a book called “The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” which I highly recommend you read if you are interested in understanding the behaviour of mass market consumers and how brands can create literally make a fortune out of low income earners.
This reminded me of Stokvels that we have here […]

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How to Raise Capital in South Africa

Raising capital for your startup is on of the most common constraints you’ll come across.
Typically, the process of raising capital runs along the angel investor route of friends, family and fools (the three F’s).
I’ve been fortunate enough to raise a moderate amount of angel capital through my immediate network which has helped to “get out of […]

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How To Define Innovation and Disruption

In today’s digitally enabled economy, the need for innovation has never been greater.
This is especially true in established markets like the telecommunication space, where product and service commoditization, changing customer needs, disruptive competition like over the top services (OTTs) and organizational inertia are compounding things even more thus driving a greater need for organizations to […]

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