The Blockchain Breakfast [And 12 Applications for Blockchain Technology]

The blockchain is the arguably the most disruptive invention since the creation of the Internet itself, but the irony is that many entrepreneurs, startups and business executives do not understand the magnitude of the impact that this technology is going to have on the world as we know it.

So why is this the case? Well, it can replace all processes and business models which rely on a small fee for processing transactions. And that means a revolution is coming, a fundamental shift in the way we do business.


The advent of the Information Age in the 1970s-allowed humanity to progress into a world in which information could flow freely, unhindered by national borders, without the need for intermediaries such as post offices, libraries and universities.

We have now entered an age in which not only information, but value can flow freely without the need for trusted intermediaries such as banks and insurance companies. The technology that has enabled this digital peer-to-peer value-transfer revolution is called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain.


Digital Kungfu consults with its clients about disruptive technologies like the blockchain and is holding a Blockchain Breakfast for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives. It is a breakfast designed to demystify what the blockchain and bitcoin is, and how startups and established companies are using the blockchain to disrupt traditional markets.


  • Why Blockchain is the most disruptive technology since the Internet
  • How entrepreneurs and startups are using Blockchain to change the shape and future of business
  • Why crypto-banking is the future of the financial services industry
  • How Blockchain works and why it cannot function without bitcoins
  • How self-executing smart contracts will disrupt a trillion dollar global industry
  • The differences between the Ethereum and Blockchain networks
  • The six most likely industries that the Blockchain will disrupt in the next 3 years
  • How to become a bitcoin investor and insights into bitcoin mining
  • How to use Blockchain to disrupt your own industry (perspective lab)
  • Q&A


Inside a Chinese bitcoin mine, that is making $1.5 million a day mining bitcoins.


This event is for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives. If you are running an existing business or looking to start one then this event is for you.


Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu, a digital business consultancy that specializes in helping companies accelerate innovation and disrupt traditional markets by enabling them with new ways to do business that serve their customers more effectively and responsively.

Matt has 20 years’ experience in business strategy, technology and marketing communications and he is recipient of over a dozen local and international awards for his work and was recently voted best speaker at the Digital Disruption conference at the Gordons Institute of Business Science.

Matt’s podcast (The Matt Brown Show), has hosted billionaires, entrepreneurs and the CEO’s of some of South Africa’s most successful companies; and coupled with building businesses in the UK, US and Europe has given Matt a unique insight into how to grow businesses in a digitally enabled economy.


A clear understanding of the blockchain and how this technology will change the way that we do business.


The Blockchain Breakfast                                                R500 per person
Special offer: Buy 3 tickets and get one FREE


The next Blockchain Breakfast is being held on Thursday, May 30th from 8:00am – 10:00am.

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