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Podcasting Trumps Radio [First South African Podcasting Data Released]

My company Matt Brown Media is currently underway with the largest independent research initiative into the South African podcasting industry. The response and support from the media has been great with Bizcommunity, Times Media Group, Entrepreneur Magazine & IT Web all helping to drive awareness and traction of the research project.

Radio vs Podcasting
One of the […]

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Asking the Wrong Questions Will Break Your Business [Pod Power – Part 4]

One of the great mysteries of entrepreneurship is why businesses fail. After almost two years of interviewing entrepreneurs, billionaires and CEO’s on my podcast the Matt Brown Show, I’ve noticed a commonality between them that I think may have the answer to the question about why some entrepreneurs start one successful business after the other […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting But Were Afraid to Ask [Pod Power – Part 2]

I recently interviewed Gil Oved (the Co-CEO of The Creative Council) and Romeo Kumalo (the former CEO of Vodacom).
Just before we hit the record button I was talking to Romeo about podcasting. We discussed how the radio experience is generally depressing and started talking about podcasting. While Romeo has heard of the terms “podcasting” he […]

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Podcasting Is The Most Authentic Form of Advertising [Pod Power – Part 3]

When I started the Matt Brown Show, I had no choice but to be authentic. When you are creating something within a “live” environment, you have very little bandwidth to be anything but yourself.
Authenticity is a universal characteristic of a market leader, because when you are authentic it builds trust, and people will only do […]

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The Business Plan Is Dead [Long Live The Business Case]

We are living through the most disruptive period in our history. One only needs to consider companies like AirBNB, uBer, WhatsApp and Tesla to understand how quickly established companies can become disrupted by new entrants into the market.
In today’s digitally enabled business economy, tried and tested approaches to business strategy and planning are simply not designed […]

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