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The Seven Key Pillars of A Successful Startup Culture [And Why Culture Beats Strategy]

Note: Building a great startup culture is a focus of the StratLab for Startups event.

Click here for full info and to get R500 off your ticket price (Enter code “MBSDK88”).
Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Every time. This is especially true in the world of startups. I liken a startup to flying a plane, and then attempting […]

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The StratLab Workshop [How To Scale And Grow Your Business]

The fourth industrial revolution has begun. Across all industries, the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption are hard to comprehend or anticipate, even for the best connected and most well informed companies.
There is clear evidence that the technologies that underpin this revolution are creating entirely new ways of serving existing needs and enable […]

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The Future Of Advertising Agencies [And The Exponential Irrelevance Bomb]

On two recent podcasts, here and here, we discussed the future of the industrial advertising complex and made a prediction that big brands would take their agency competencies in house, which this week came true:

So why is this type of acquisition happening in the market?
Well, here’s my take on it…
A Diminishing Traditional Value Exchange
Big brands have paid […]

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Is Your Business Digitally Competitive? [And The Digital Health Score System]

The Impact of Digitization On Business
Our digital business consultancy was built to help business executives and business owners navigate the consistently changing business environment.
We work with technology, data and design lead thinking to help our clients do this and we have had some amazing successes, which you can read out about here.
Our clients have typically […]

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How To Be Disruptive [8 Ways To Profit On Constrained Consumption]

The ambition to disrupt markets with new innovative products and services is on the rise. This ambition is especially prevalent in Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs building startups love to talk about disruption — though few really understand the term.
There is an important distinction between efficiency, sustainable and disruptive innovations — namely that instead of making products better or more […]

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How To Define Innovation and Disruption

In today’s digitally enabled economy, the need for innovation has never been greater.
This is especially true in established markets like the telecommunication space, where product and service commoditization, changing customer needs, disruptive competition like over the top services (OTTs) and organizational inertia are compounding things even more thus driving a greater need for organizations to […]

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