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Digital Kungfu & Startupbootcamp Cape Town [Media Release]

The global industry-focused accelerator Startupbootcamp has recently launched it’s first African based accelerator program. The group has 18 programs across 13 countries and has seen value in now setting up a footprint in Africa.
Startupbootcamp brings together top startups from around the world, a mentor network of renowned industry experts and entrepreneurs and major players in banking, […]

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Entrepreneur Health [The Building of A Corporate Athlete]

Note: All listeners of the Matt Brown Show and podcast including all subscribed members of the Digital Kungfu community will receive 20% off their executive health assessment. Read to the end to redeem this exclusive offer. 
As entrepreneurs, we are always talking about things like strategy, innovation, products, services and the competition, but we very rarely if ever […]

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The StratLab Workshop [How To Scale And Grow Your Business]

The fourth industrial revolution has begun. Across all industries, the acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption are hard to comprehend or anticipate, even for the best connected and most well informed companies.
There is clear evidence that the technologies that underpin this revolution are creating entirely new ways of serving existing needs and enable […]

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