Digital Kungfu & Startupbootcamp Cape Town [Media Release]

The global industry-focused accelerator Startupbootcamp has recently launched it’s first African based accelerator program. The group has 18 programs across 13 countries and has seen value in now setting up a footprint in Africa.

Startupbootcamp brings together top startups from around the world, a mentor network of renowned industry experts and entrepreneurs and major players in banking, insurance, consultancy, leasing, and technology as founding partners

With it’s core focus on building innovative solutions, the program is specifically scouting for startups in blockchain, connected devices, payment solutions, capital markets and asset management, integrated supply chain, e-commerce, alternative financing, identity management, digital connectivity, data and behavioral analytics and enabling technologies.

The aim of of the program is to accelerate 30 startups over a 3-year period starting with its first round accepting 10 startups into the accelerator in 2017. The program runs from September-December and is backed by notable corporates: BNP Paribas, PwC and RCS Group, including several other corporates and strategic partners.

Off the back of this historic event – a first for the African continent – Digital Kungfu’s StratLab [Full info here] and its other value offerings have been pre-identified as strategically aligned to the Startupbootcamp Cape Town accelerator program.

Digital Kungfu is a strategic digital product development house that specializes in helping companies accelerate innovation and disrupt traditional markets through scalable, technology driven products and services.

Matt Brown, the CEO of Digital Kungfu had this to say:

“Our StratLab for Startups program is a new strategic offering from Digital Kungfu. It is a high-impact workshop that is designed to significantly improve the ability of a startup to succeed and ultimately scale globally. We engaged with the Startupbootcamp Cape Town team about the offering and are glad to be part of the identified service partners for their inaugural accelerator program starting September 2017.”

Zach George, the MD of Startupbootcamp had this to say about the alignment:

“We are excited to be working with strategic services partners like Digital Kungfu, who are strategically aligned to the needs of our startups.”

Startups that wish to apply for the programme must apply by 9 July and follow the application process.


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