Entrepreneur Health [The Building of A Corporate Athlete]

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As entrepreneurs, we are always talking about things like strategy, innovation, products, services and the competition, but we very rarely if ever talk about entrepreneur health.

On my podcast, I recently interviewed Jedd Myers the COO of Health Insite, a group of companies focused on the health and wellbeing of the executive, their business and employee base. We discussed the state of South Africa’s health system, how to go about building “the corporate athlete” and the relationship between health and performance.

The Importance of Entrepreneur Health

But perhaps most importantly, we landed on a key insight that most entrepreneurs and business executives do not know the state of their health.

This is a very important conversation to have as a community because without our health we have nothing. Like zero.

Often the success of our businesses comes down to the ability to execute and because our health has a direct impact on our own performance i.e. our ability to execute and out hustle the competition, it can often be the reason why some entrepreneurs succeed and others fail.

Everyone Is Affected

Exec-Care (a Division of Health Insite) test between 3000 and 5000 business executives a year and to quote Jedd he said:

Not one of the executives that we test is in perfect health. In a couple of instances, we have taken them from our facility straight to hospital.

That sums up the how endemic the subject of health is for many business executives.  As entrepreneurs, not only are we responsible for the wellbeing of our own families but often; we are responsible for the livelihoods of the people that work for us.

Coping Mechanisms

After interviewing Jedd I realized that I too did not know the state of my own health. Running a business or a large company is incredibly stressful, and we all have coping mechanisms, which we adopt to manage our stress loads.

While some resort to physical exercise, many of us turn to other lifestyle habits that do not lend themselves to a healthy and happy personal life. Many entrepreneurs are on the wrong lifestyle train and do not realize it.

Jedd said to me that from the perspective of health:

The day that you find out what health risks you have isn’t easy, but it is also the best day of your life because you can start to fix it.

So, I Went… Despite Myself

So, I plucked up the courage and decided to go for my own personal health assessment. It was a 6-hour sprint. You see six health professionals back-to-back: A nurse, biokineticist, doctor, psychologist, personal trainer, massage therapist

The Nurse

The nurse took my blood and twenty minutes later I had my results back (more on that later). Then, my anti-oxidant levels in my skin were measured using a laser, which apparently reads the beta-carotene levels in your skin. My results came back with 22,000 (the red zone – not good) when the green zone level is anything above 45,000.

I was then offered a healthy breakfast (you don’t get fried eggs and bacon) along with magnesium infused mineral water to drink. I asked for a coffee but was told that I wasn’t allowed to have coffee before seeing the biokineticist. Onwards!

The Biokineticist

Exec CareBiokinetics is defined as the science of movement and application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment or performance. It began with the biokineticist assessing my body alignment. To do that, they put a few white circular stickers on key areas of my body. Then, thanks to some cool tech (everything is digitized by the way), they scan the locations of the stickers which then displays exactly how much your body is out of alignment and where the problem areas are.

What follows is a series of tests, most notably for me was the lung capacity assessment and an endurance fitness test, where you are strapped up to a plethora of cables and put through your paces.

The Doctor

The doctor walks you through the results of your blood tests, and the results of any investigation done by the biokineticist, and highlights to you any areas for concern and the lifestyle habits that you need to address.

All recommendations are data driven, meaning that at this point they have a ton of information about you and can easily connect the dots.

The Personal Trainer

The trainer assesses your body strength, and looks to establish current benchmarks by testing your maximum strength on a series of gym machines. The idea being that onceExec Careyou have your benchmark, the trainer can then make recommendations for a personalized exercise routine.

The Dietician

At this point you’re exhausted, but I was immediately sent to the dietician for a review of my diet and eating routines. After less than an hour I left with a new appreciation of how important your diet and something and something as simple as water intake is; when it comes to the performance of an entrepreneur.

The Psychologist

You know how you have one of those moments where someone you’ve never met before can read you like a book? Well, neither had I, until it happened to me. This part was probably the most valuable because it compounded all the feedback from the previous five health professionals.

The Massage Therapist

Just to throw one more hat into the ring, at the end of your assessment you get a 30 minute relaxation and detox massage.

My Results?

Post my assessment, I received a comprehensive written report which covered the results of personal assessment, clinical report and recommendations, personalized programmes, and a wack of information sheets including my pathology, spirometry and ECG data.

So what’s the bottom line? With the exception that my triglycerides being three times higher than normal. What this meant for me, is that if I don’t make immediate changes to my lifestyle I run the risk of having a heart attack if I’m not careful.

Because of this new-found awareness, I’ve made immediate changes to my lifestyle which has had a 10X impact on my business. I’m more focused and have much higher energy levels which is like gold dust as an entrepreneur.

It is also something that money can’t buy as a strategic advantage for my business.

Know The Status Of Your Health!

I cannot recommend the Exec-Care service by Health Insite enough. It’s an experience that all entrepreneurs and business executives should invest in.

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All listeners of the Matt Brown Show and podcast including all subscribed members of the community will received 20% off their assessment. To book your assessment click here and enter the code “digitalkungfu” to get your discount.


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