Is Your Business Digitally Competitive? [And The Digital Health Score System]

The Impact of Digitization On Business

Our digital business consultancy was built to help business executives and business owners navigate the consistently changing business environment.

We work with technology, data and design lead thinking to help our clients do this and we have had some amazing successes, which you can read out about here.

Our clients have typically sold the same product or service to the same customer for many years (and by many years we mean literally decades).

Then “digitization” came along, which as a result has put once proven business models under an increasing amount of duress. This manifests into things like declining revenues and or a sudden loss or market share, with the client not knowing why this is happening and more importantly what to do about it.

So we help you find certainty in an otherwise uncertain business environment using technology, data and innovation to do it.

Understanding Where Your Businesses Weaknesses Are

In our experience consulting with companies turning over anywhere between R100 million to R1 billion, there is an inherent lack of a clear understanding about where the businesses digital weaknesses are.

It’s easy to assume that the problem sits in the marketing of the business, the culture and or it’s people, it’s technical and data capabilities or ability to out innovate it’s competitors — but how do you really know?

Creating Certainty When No Certainty Exists

So to help businesses, understand where their digital weaknesses are we developed the “Digital Health Score System”.

It’s unique because it uses a proprietary statistical data model to help you understand not only how digitally healthy your business is, but also how your business compares to competitors in your industry.

All you have to do is take a short 8 minute survey and our system calculates where the weaknesses are in your business — whether it sits in your digital strategy, the people and or culture of the business, the IT / data systems or the ability of the business to innovate in an agile fashion.

How To Get Your Digital Health Score Grading

All you have to is answer 40 questions as past of a quick assessment to get your Digital Health Score and to find out how you compare to competitors in your industry and in only 8 minutes or less.

It’s 100% free and remember, all your data is kept strictly confidential.


The business problem is a consistently moving target. The only way to truly identify where your business problem lies is to continually decode the current state of your business using a system that will give you not only the data, but the data driven insights to help you make better more informed decisions — decisions that will ultimately help you future proof your business.

So don’t wait. Get your digital grading now.

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