Would You Like to Sponsor The Matt Brown Show?

The Matt Brown Show is quickly becoming one of the hottest media properties in South African entrepreneurship and business.

It was launched in January 2016, and has since built a loyal and global listenership. Matt has interviewed entrepreneurs, billionaires and CEOs and in the process has built a podcast that is now consumed in over 100 countries across the world.

Listenership & Distribution Insights

The primary listenership is made up of primarily South African entrepreneurs, CEO’s and current business owners, but the distribution of the show is truly global.

It is syndicated around the world on iTunes, Player.fm, Stitcher and the Google Play store.

Locally, the Matt Brown Show is syndicated exclusively on Entrepreneur Mag SA’s website, the countries best selling business title, with a readership of over 200,000 uniques every month, according to independent AMPS research.

Current Stats

Your Advertising Options

There are three options for sponsors:

1) A 30″ (second) Live Read

This consists of a 30″ mid-roll advert for your business on the Matt Brown Show. Matt will do a live read for your business and direct listeners to your website e.g. yourbusinessname.co.za/matt to receive special offers from your business.

2) Featured Branded Interview

Let’s say you are a business who wants a new way to tell their story. Matt will sit down with the owners of the business or the entrepreneur, and interview them for 60 minutes.

The sponsor will then brand that particular version of the show with a 5″ pre-roll e.g. this show is powered by [yourbusinessname], a 30″ mid-roll where Matt will do a live read for your business and direct listeners to your website e.g. yourbusinessname.co.za/matt to receive special offers from your business as well as a 30″ post-roll where the person being interviewed can promote literally anything else about the business or event in person.

3) Custom Show Sponsorship

This includes everything from the branded interview sponsorship, but will open the door to more creativity for the sponsor, which will enable you to run custom competitions, extend advert durations and change the placements of the ads on the show. 

Rate Card


For sponsors who wish to sponsor the Matt Brown Show for more than one podcast, the following discounts will be applied.

2 Podcasts = 10%
3 Podcasts = 15%
4 Podcasts = 20%

For example, a 30 second live read for four podcasts would be worth R15,000 – less the 20% discount would mean a net sponsorship fee of R12,000.

Want To Customize Your Sponsorship?

The great thing about podcasting is that you have creative license to do whatever you wish from a branding and sponsorship perspective.

If you have a specific need to customize your sponsorship of the Matt Brown show please contact us. We will work with you to tailor your sponsorship to your needs.


Our newsletter enjoys email open rates of 25% above industry averages. Click rates vary depending on communication and the type of promotional offer.




“Matt Brown is South Africa’s answer to Tim Ferriss”

Rich Mulholland – CEO, Missing Link

“I love presentations that get you to think. This chat was one of them. Lots of food for thought and reflection.”

Fraser Lamb – CEO, McCann World Group

“Matt gave a well researched talk coupled with personal experience and insights. It was an authentic conversation highlighted by some simple questions, which cut straight to the heart of the matter.”

Heather Smith – Operations Director, McCann

“I would like to send my congratulations to you on a phenomenal idea, I have listened to 52 episodes so far and absolutely love it. It has honestly changed my world and the way I approach life..”

Rob Fedder – CEO, Tidy Files

“I just wanted to tell you that your podcast is flipping amazing man! I follow your podcast religiously. Keep doing what you’re doing Matt, your fans are supporting you all the way”

Tyrone Crowie – CEO, Imdigibot

“Matt always get’s to the core of the matter – right down to the 1%. He educates his guests in the process, and does this every time”

Brent Spilkin – CEO, Growing Pains Business Consultancy

Sponsorship Vetting

All sponsors will be vetted for audience fit and relevance to the listenership of the Matt Brown Show.

Interested? What You Need To Do Next…

For advertiser inquiries please send an email to: hello [at] digitalkungfu [dot] [co] [dot] [za] or call us on +27 (0) 10 286 1150.

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