The Media Monster [The Future Of Media In A Changing World]

The role of media has changed dramatically in the age of the internet-driven, 24-hour news cycle and the proliferation of social media.

Today, the term “media” is used and abused, and it can mean different things to different people but in the world of business, the value of media cannot be ignored.

The media landscape is getting more complex for industry executives who are trying to make strategic decisions and for consumers who are deluged with new forms of media and consumption.

Trying to define media in the digital space is like shooting at a moving target because it is evolving so rapidly.

But with this change, comes new opportunities to unlock dormant value for a business by using media in new ways to increase sales and capture additional market share.

No longer is media a nice-to-have, but rather it has evolved the quintessential enabler of new competitive advantages for businesses of all sizes.

A hyper-connected world has unleashed a new media monster that is shaping the current and future landscape of business.


  • Why the media monster is going to disrupt your business, your portfolio and your life
  • Why the future of media is not mobile or in your pocket
  • Why the next big media platform will not be smart glasses, smart cars or virtual reality
  • Why more Media & Entertainment M&A deals took place in the last 12 months than at any other point in history
  • How one market segment is driving the decentralization of a global media industry
  • How social media referrals are overtaking search in terms of ROI
  • Why messaging apps are the future of work [but not all work]
  • How one market has killed the radio star [and everything else in media]
  • The good, the bad and sexy [New media commercial models and how to apply them in your business]
  • Why the true power of media lies in convergence


A new understanding of where the media industry is heading and how to unlock new opportunities for your business.


“Matt Brown presented his digital disruption talk to our agency in May of 2017. His knowledge and storytelling ability, left the room of developers, designers, strategists and directors with their jaws on the floor. An incredible speaker worthy of TED talk accolades. Thank you Matt for an honest and jarring account of the world today and maybe tomorrow”

Ryan Sauer – CEO, Punk Digital

“Matt Brown is South Africa’s answer to Tim Ferriss”

Rich Mulholland – CEO, Missing Link

“I love presentations that get you to think. This chat was one of them. Lots of food for thought and reflection.”

Fraser Lamb – CEO, McCann World Group

“Matt gave a well researched talk coupled with personal experience and insights. It was an authentic conversation highlighted by some simple questions, which cut straight to the heart of the matter.”

“Really rich and inspired content that was well researched and delivered”

Robin Nunn – CEO Activate Business

“Our members found Matt’s talk very informative and packed with fresh insights and facts.”

Hans Servas – Chairman Shop SA

“Matt Brown brought topics to the table that have not been spoken about or heard at other events. His great insight, preparation, and clean presentation kept your interest for the full period. His topic made you think and reassess what you are currently doing.”

Greg – Strategist, Punk Media


Matt Brown is an entrepreneur, speaker and the host of the Matt Brown Show – a global media platform and podcast that built a loyal listenership in over 100 countries in only 18 months.

He is also the CEO of Digital Kungfu, a strategic business consultancy that specializes in helping companies accelerate innovation and disrupt traditional markets by enabling them with new ways to do business that serve their customers more effectively and responsively.

Matt has 20 years’ experience in business strategy, technology and marketing communications and he is recipient of over a dozen local and international awards for his work. He is a regular face on the professional speaking circuit and is an expert at inspiring and educating his audiences at the same time.

Matt’s podcast (The Matt Brown Show), has hosted billionaires, entrepreneurs and the CEO’s of some of South Africa’s most successful companies; and coupled with building businesses in the UK, US and Europe has given Matt a unique insight into how to create and build things that truly matter to people in a modern and connected world.


Keynote (45 minutes & 15-minute Q&A)  R20,000

Special Offer: R5,000 discount for group bookings of 10 or more


Bookings:         Lerato Litheko (Executive Assistant to Matt Brown)
Email:      Contact: 072 486 8687

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